Cynergy Technology


We’ve been working with ComputerLand of Longview for the past 12 years. We have had a wonderful working relationship.

They have gone above and beyond to help us implement, upgrade, and sustain our network infra-structure as well as assist with integration of technology in the classroom.

I truly appreciate the family-like work environment that they exhibit while working with us. It is very refreshing to work with people you trust. 

-Local ISD



Rapid Response


We have two aims in our service department: to be fast, and to be thorough. We have created 
special teams to make sure we are both.

Technology Consulting

Let us show you how your business or organization can use technology to reduce risk and increase profits.

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Training Done Right

Our philosophy is that training should be hands on and in very small groups so our customers are assured their investment in their people is realized. 

Cynergy Technology - Longview
1614 E Fairmont
Longview, TX 75604
Cynergy Technology - Tyler
3903 Timms
Tyler, TX 75701